Programme 15-19th august 2017

"Through the outdoor performance show "Waternymph", the Waterfront, the Papermill and Jysk MusicTheatre will transform into a spectacular sight where the Waternymph, the voice of the water, will explain Silkeborg's legendary roots. We shall see the Bishop's hat flying near the old castle, we shall help the King find his way through the darkness with lit torches, we shall participate in the foundation of the Papermill, and all of us will be live participants in the real Regatta history." Comediants

In 2017, the Silkeborg Ildfestregatta will give everybody an opportunity to participate in the outdoor performance show and experience the poetry of the light over the water. We will share the desire of becoming better citizens, open to diversity in Europe.

Daytime 15-19th August
experience the art and sculptures by the river and lake.

Tourist boats 15-19th August
the decorated Hjejlefleet sails at 21.00 and return to the harbour at 23.00. Guests onboard will join the storytellers on a spectacular adventure on the lakes and River. Enjoy the sculptures in the river, the decorated boathouses, the many tableaus and the poetry of the water. Runners with fire torches will greet the arriving fleet every night.

“Waternymph” 15-19th August
“Waternymph” at 21.00 - 21.15 and at 23.00 - 23.30. The outdoor performance“ Waternymph” will be in two parts. Part one is at 21.00 when the Hjejlefleet leaves the harbour. All audience by the harbour are invited to join in, wave goodbye and learn a special welcoming dance. Part two is at 23.00 when the Hjejlefleet arrives in the harbour. Everybody joins greeting all the boats with lights, dancing and cheering. The “Waternymph” performance takes place on the riverside and on the MusicTheatre building by the harbour.

Fireworks 15-19th August
At 24.00 Experience the spectacular international fireworks at Silkeborg Langsø.

Art, creativity, diversity, drama, energy & passion
Silkeborg Ildfestregatta den 15.-19. august 2017
Tableau, sejlads, performance og fyrværkeri
Europæisk Kulturhovedstad 2017